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{Xenaficathon}Making Xena fiction better!
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Welcome to the Xenaficathon. Here, our mission is simple: fan fiction. All kinds, all pairings. Here at Xenaficathon we want you, the bards to step out of the neat little box most fan fic dabblers use and create something entirely different. While membership is open, please keep in mind of the following:

Send your listmom an email about yourself. I can be reached here: vinceneilgirl@hotmail.com

--You pen name/title
--Three fav episodes
--An example of your best work
--Why you want to join Xenaficathon

--Please respect ALL members. I will not tolerate fighting
--Please respect someone else's ship(relationship) even if you do not like it
--Do not post until the mods tell you that it is ok to post
--Do reply to challenges when you are inspired!
--Do share your fiction challenges and links!

If you have fiction posted elswheres, please let us know where. Upon joining, you will be asked to give us a link(URL) to something you have previously done, as Xenaficathon wishes to make a safe haven for all great Xena fic. We strive to be something different and to DO something different.

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