//Pretty tied up//Hanging upside down (cordyxena) wrote in xenaficathon,
//Pretty tied up//Hanging upside down

Xena/Ares Baby Challenge

Ok guys and gals, the time is here to start another challenge. Since we only got one fic, Goddess Del's Solstice Colors, which was uplifting and very cute ;) I think it's time to INSPIRE you Xenites out there!

The Challenge:
Xena finds out that she is pregnant after the episode "Intimate Stranger and Ten Little Warlords". She guesses that Callisto had been intimate with Ares on several occasions in her body. Now, she is stuck with the result: A child. How will she tell Gabrielle, her mother...and how will she keep the God of War from discovering the secret?

You can make this child Eve, and give it a whole new spin to the baby Eve thing. Or, you can create your own child of war. The main pairing must be Xena/Ares. I don’t care if it’s fluffy or dark. Just as long as it is Xena/Ares.

Deadline for this one is: January 15th Happy Writing!
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